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Post cosmetic surgery massages - Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic Drainage is a therapeutic procedure designed specifically to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Any person that submits themselves to a cosmetic surgical procedure will experience great levels of inflammation as a side-effect of the work performed in that area. The process of lymphatic drainage allows for your body the release that liquid accumulated under the skin and in turn your healing time reduces and pain diminishes.

Starting From $75

Fat reduction massages and ultra lipo cavitation

Fat reduction massages are very strong localized massages. They consist in reducing fat that’s been accumulated between the muscle and skin. We apply this technique in the abdomen, love handles, back, arms, glutes, and legs. For this treatment we combine deep tissue massages, cavitation and lymphatic drainage.

Starting From $48

Anti-cellulite massages and molding of glutes

Massages to target cellulites are stronger than all the other treatments offered here since that fat is tougher to break down and smooth out. For this treatment we apply a combination of ultra cavitation, vacuumtherapy, wood therapy, electrical stimulation, and vibrotherapy. We determine a treatment plan alternating techniques throughout the session to make a plan unique to that individual.

Starting From $40

Relaxation massages - Anti stress

Full body relaxation treatment with soft music, dimmed lights and aromatherapeutic oils. You will receive a long massage where we apply all kinds of relaxing techniques which include Swedish and deep tissue massage.

Relaxing massages are the one to pick if you want to de-stress and spoil yourself.

Starting From $64

Eyelash Lift & Tint with Keratin treatment

A lash lift can take an hour from beginning to end.

This treatment can last between 6-8 weeks but can vary from person to person.

Starting From $40
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