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Anti-Cellulite Massages

Massages to target cellulites are stronger than all the other treatments offered here since that fat is tougher to break down and smooth out. For this treatment we apply a combination of ultra cavitation, vacuum-therapy, wood therapy, electrical stimulation, and vibro-therapy. We determine a treatment plan alternating techniques throughout the session to make a plan unique to that individual.

Each treatment usually begins with cavitation, which is a machine that emits waves in the area that make way to create small bubbles inside the fat. These small bubbles then explode and produce smaller particles. With a manual anti-cellulite massage these particles are then removed. The next step would be the lymphatic drainage massage that enables you to eliminate those particles through your urine.

We also combine this treatment with vacuum-therapy. Vacuum-therapy is a treatment that is the world’s first patented technology which was approved to temporarily, yet effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite. This unit will help increase circulation, relieve minor muscle aches, and reduce appearance of cellulite. This unit works by using suction and motorized vibrators to massage your skin in a unique way, which will help mobilize your connective tissue. The vibration will help increase circulation, thus facilitating exchange of fluid and clearance of fat. The amount of treatment varies according to each body type. This type of treatment is non-invasive and has excellent results.

Our electrical body stimulation unit has two functions. It can be used to help tone the body by stimulating nerve endings to improve tone in the muscle tissue. The electrical current is used to improve the surface skin appearance & assist in reducing cellulite, bust lifting & firming, and also sports injuries. There is no discomfort in this treatment, which makes it comfortable and effective. You can also use this unit on the face, which will improve the surface skin texture dramatically.

Our vibro-therapy whole body vibration system offers you all the benefits of exercise in one unit. This new technology is being used by celebrities and athletes around the world today. This machine is designed to aid in weight loss, improve bone density and muscle integrity. This unit strengthens and enhances the whole body, reduces cellulite, enhances balance, reduces back pain, and improves circulation. There are 10 different exercises which are used with the system, each targeting a different area of the body. Each exercise is performed for in 10 minute intervals. For optimal results, it is recommended that you use this system with other body treatment machines and also follow a balanced diet.

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