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Results vary from person to person

Post surgical massages

That depends on your doctor. Some recommend you start 3 days after surgery and some a week or so after. Based on our experience, patients starting their treatment after between the 3rd and 5th day achieve the quickest and best results.

Post-Surgical: This is probably our most common question. Each patient is different, and some tend to recover sooner than others. Some bodies tend to retain more fluid and develop more fibrosis as well. When the massage therapist initially meets with you and evaluates your procedure, she will be able to tell you in more detail. We recommend about 18 sessions although some may be more and some less. That is just our average with most clients.

Fat Reduction & Cellulite Treatments: This depends on the patients and their commitment to the treatment. If you come religiously 2-3 times a week you will achieve your desired results fairly quickly. The amount of sessions is determine in the amount of areas you would like worked on and the desired results. We would have to see you in person to be able to determine an approximate number of sessions.

Post-Surgical: During the first week of massages we recommend you come every day. The following two weeks it is recommendable that you receive three massages with one day in between. For the weeks following you can come one to two times depending on your progress. Remember, massages are not a contraindication to your recovery. Therefore, there is no such thing as too many! The more you do closer to your surgery date, the sooner you will see results and be done with your treatment.

Fat Reduction & Cellulite Treatments: Depending on the amount of fat or cellulite wanting to be removed we recommend two to three visits per week until the results are achieved. The more you come, the quicker you will reach that desired state.

These bumps that you feel below the surface of your skin are called fibrosis. Fibrosis is the accumulation of detached fat. Normally after surgery 90% of patients tend to have these symptoms. Some areas might still feel numb, some pain, inflammation, burning sensation, etc. All of these symptoms are 100% normal after a cosmetic procedure. When you have a liposuction done, they first detach all the fat in the areas you want and liquefy it. They later enter a tube in your body and extract only a portion of the liquefied fat. During the healing process, those areas fill up with liquid and the left-over fat tends to accumulate all together in certain areas and later becomes hard (fibrosis). This happens anywhere from 5-21 days following the procedure.

Ultrasound helps reduce inflammation in the affected areas and the massage serve to drain all the retained liquid from those areas in a process called lymphatic drainage. That liquid will later be eliminated from your body through your urine.

It is recommendable that you continuously wear your garment for a minimum of 3 months. Some doctor recommend differently than others. It is in your best interest to try to wear the garment for as long as possible because that is what holds your body in place forms you. Remember that directly following surgery the fat remaining in your body is liquefied and therefore can move to undesired areas. The longer you hold everything in place, the longer your results will last.

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